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Public View Badge Galleries

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Have you browsed the Public View Galleries recently? Many additions during the last 6 months!

Apple Days, Scout Shop Section badges, Baden Powell sketches, Group, Jacket, 150, Popcorn, Trees, Year Bars

Bill & Jean Neil Christmas badges

Camp Badges: Camps and camp related badges

Canadian Badgers Club badges; Badges created by Canadian Badgers Club

Canadian Badgers Club Event Photos

Patrol Insignia: (Knots, Badges, etc.)

Provincial Jamborees, Venturees, Recurring Events etc.

Scouter Conferences

Scouter's Gone Home

Scout Shop Sports, Hobbies, Special badges: Sports badges, Hobby badges, Blazer badges

Service Team Strips, Volunteer Badges etc.

Sports Teams and Events

St. Catharines Events

Vanity badges
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