Woodland Trails

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Woodland Trails

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I have two badges with " _The_ Woodland trails" on them and "Oakville District" :o
I believe Woodland Trails has been a part of Toronto for a long time :?
Can anyone shed light :)
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Re: Woodland Trails

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Oakville District had a campsite closer to Milton also named Woodland Trails. Closed for sometime now. Not the same as the Woodland Trails in Aurora (GTC).

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Re: Woodland Trails

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I was a scout from 1979 and a Venturer to 1983 in Oakville District and that was the only placed we camped, It was not until I was leader that I found out about, Manitou, Everton, Nemo, Blue Springs all within 15 minutes. Woodland Trails (Oakville) was a leased camp from Dufferin Aggregates on 6th line in MIlton 15 minutes on North side of the 401 at Kelso. . It had a pool at one time, 4 Lodges, a Trailer for Rovers and Camp Wardens.
Dufferin requested the camp back and were about to provide a new site when the Districts were abolished in 1996/7. As the Districts were converted into Areas, they could no longer own or lease property without Nationals approval and National at the time deemed there was a surplus of camps in the Oakville vicinity and declined the offer from Dufferin. Work had begun on the property and are still in rough condition to this day. A construction crew is now on the site and unsure what they are planning on doing.
There are some monuments on the site as well to past scouters and there are two concrete stones at the front gate with the name still visible but covered by plywood.

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