Looking for Pj 19 badges

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William McClurg

Looking for Pj 19 badges

Post by William McClurg »

Hello!, My name is Will and I'm trying to finish my Pj 19 badge collection.

I only need 6 more badges to complete my collection of the set of 31
These include
-Narnia fun zone
-Team mercury public relations
-Path of the ancestors/Juan de Fuca trail
-Cub day
-Food dudes
-Mare nostrum/Kayaking

I have duplicates of the quartermaster, legacy project and Emergency service team badges as well as a lot on non Pj 19 badges
If anyone has these and are willing to trade please contact me at Williammcclurg29@gmail.com :D
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Re: Looking for Pj 19 badges

Post by C0331 »

Will: I also need the ones you are looking for. Very tough to get.
Good luck.

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