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Scout Program badges
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Patrol InsigniaScout Patrol Insignia (Knots, Badges, etc.)
Later Badges available for all sections.
Wolf Cubs/Cub Scouts Program badges
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Rovers/Rover Scouts Program badges
Venturers/Venturer Scouts Program badges
Beaver Scouts Program badges
Outdoor Adventure Skills - all sections
Language Strips - all sections
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Sustainability Development Goals badges - all sections new 2022
Religion-In-Life/Spirituality badges
Honours & AwardsBy Denny May
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Manuals, Books, ResourcesManuals, Books, Resources, Pamphlets
Scouter Rank/Position Badges
Canadian International Badges & Neckers
Stores Catalogues
Historic Membership AwardsSection Awards for Achieving Membership Targets
Historic Scouting Plaques & Statues
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Stave / Hiking Stick Medallions
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Days Gone ByPhotos & News Clippings from Scouting History
Uniform ItemsPictures of Uniform Items through the Years
Hard GoodsPictures of Memorable Hard Goods through the Years
Baden Powell Service Association (Non WOSM) Program Information