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The Badgers (Geographic) CatalogueAs listed in Varieties Catalogue 7th Edition 2019 & quarterly updates
- National, National Events, Provinces, Regions, Federations, Councils
- Districts, Divisions, Areas
The Scoutalog (Earned/Awarded) Catalogues- Program/Section badges: Rank & Proficiency, Challenge, Activity, Personal Achievement, Outdoor Adventure Skills badges
- Stores Catalogues
- Manuals
- Other References
15 30
Girl Guide (Geographic) CataloguesGirl Guide National, Provincial, Area, Division, District badges.
Public View Badges & MemorabiliaStuff not listed in the Canadian Badgers and Scoutalog Catalogues.
208 7,539
User galleriesThis category contains albums that belong to CBMC members.
5 26
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