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Wesley.jpgWesley0 viewsWesley United Church Group
Western District then NDG District
Montreal, Quebec
1 commentsC033107/17/21 at 06:43C0331: Your webmaster's group as a youth - Cubs, Sco...
Edmonton_03rd_Hairsine-Kirkness.jpg3rd Edmonton Hairsine-Kirkness1 views3rd Hairsine-Kirkness, Horse Hills Area
Northern Lights Council, Alberta
1 commentsC033105/29/21 at 12:00C1516: 3rd Hairsine/Kirkness Parent Horse Hills Area Nort...
IMG_2950.JPGBattlefields Council 200717 viewsWho can tell me about this badge? Is it a listed badge? Please email me directly any info you can share. colleen.looby@ocdsb.ca1 commentsC118512/11/20 at 20:21C0331: CJ 07 Battlefields Council
St_Paul_1st.jpg1st St. Paul3 views1st St. Paul, Many Lakes Area
Northern Lights Council, Alberta
1 commentsC033111/30/20 at 01:12C1516: World's First UFO Landing Pad
Clinton_01st_a.jpg1st Clinton2 views1st Clinton, Frontier Area, Tri-Shores Council, Ontario
The design contains an FPS-20 search radar antenna. The nearby CFB Clinton was the site of Canada's first radar school.
1 commentsC033111/25/20 at 01:00C1516: The design contains an FPS-20 search radar antenna...
GoodyearMemorial_2000.JPGGoodyear Memorial 20004 views1 commentsC128609/26/20 at 15:43C0331: Nice addition.
2a_1951_Camp_Sioumopache.pngCamp Sioumopache - Big Bear Point - 19510 views1 commentsC033109/01/20 at 19:09C0331: Webmaster's favourite.
Z-West_WillowdaleJacket.JPGWest Willowdale0 viewsPrinted felt badge.1 commentsC128612/29/18 at 12:10C0331: Nice
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