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Grp_132_North_Haven.jpg132 North Haven1 views1 commentsC033102/06/23 at 18:53C0331: Do you have this?
Z-BlackCreekJacketb.JPGBlack Creek - B stle1 viewsSilk Screened image on sateen on felt backing1 commentsC128604/07/22 at 09:43C0331: Looking for this GEM
Canadian_Badgers_Founding_Swap_Meet.jpgCanadian Badgers Founding Swap Meet6 viewsThe concept of a Canadian Badgers Club began at this Youth Swaporee 1975. The Club started shortly after this event.1 commentsC033103/30/22 at 15:12C0331: Your webmaster is looking for this badge!
New_Westminster_12th_b.jpg12th New Westminster2 views12th New Westminster, Coho Area
Fraser Valley Council, British Columbia
1 commentsC033110/18/21 at 10:42C1516: Established 1972.
Copper_Cliff_1st_ll-ur.jpg1st Copper Cliff (ll-ur)3 views1st Copper Cliff, Northern Shield Area
Northern Ontario Council, Ontario
1 commentsC033110/17/21 at 18:52C1516: Established 1931.
Brampton_02nd_d.jpg2nd Brampton2 views2nd Brampton Est. - 1948
Peel/North Peel/Brampton District/Credit Hills Area
Central Escarpment Council, Ontario
1 commentsC033108/01/21 at 04:58C0331: Badge designed by your webmaster as group GC
Brampton_02nd_Christ_Church_60th_Anniversary.jpg2nd Brampton Christ Church (60th Anniversary)0 views2nd Brampton, Credit Hills Area
Central Escarpment Council, Ontario
1 commentsC033108/01/21 at 04:56C0331: Your Webmasters 4th group as a Scouter
Huttonville_01st.jpg1st Huttonville0 views1st Huttonville - Brampton, Credit Hills Area
Central Escarpment Council, Ontario
1 commentsC033108/01/21 at 04:55C0331: Your Webmasters 3rd group as a Scouter
St_Catharines_17th.jpg17th St. Catharines3 views17th St. Catharines, St. Catharines Area
Battlefields Council, Ontario
1 commentsC033108/01/21 at 04:54C0331: Your Webmasters 2nd group as a Scouter
St_Catharines_01st_b.jpg1st St. Catharines (no st)0 views1st St. Catharines, St. Thomas Church
St. Catharines, Ontario
Ontario's First Troop
1 commentsC033108/01/21 at 04:51C0331: Your Webmaster's first group as a Scouter
Wesley.jpgWesley0 viewsWesley United Church Scout Group
Western District then NDG District
Montreal, Quebec
1 commentsC033107/17/21 at 06:43C0331: Your webmaster's group as a youth - Cubs, Sco...
St_Paul_1st.jpg1st St. Paul5 views1st St. Paul, Many Lakes Area
Northern Lights Council, Alberta
1 commentsC033111/30/20 at 01:12C1516: World's First UFO Landing Pad
GoodyearMemorial_2000.JPGGoodyear Memorial 20004 views1 commentsC128609/26/20 at 15:43C0331: Nice addition.
2a_1951_Camp_Sioumopache.pngCamp Sioumopache - Big Bear Point - 19511 views1 commentsC033109/01/20 at 19:09C0331: Webmaster's favourite.
Z-West_WillowdaleJacket.JPGWest Willowdale1 viewsPrinted felt badge.1 commentsC128612/29/18 at 12:10C0331: Nice
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